Jay D'Amico

Selections from: Nocturne (CAP Records/2010)

Jazz music is a twentieth century invention that stands on the history of everything that came before it.   Included in that history is the influence of European classical music.  It is no mystery why some of today’s musicians and composers seek to blend the two genres as we’ve heard over the years in the works of people such as Gil Evans, Don Sebesky, Wayne Shorter among others.

Jay D’Amico is a pianist/ composer with Italian-American roots.  As a pianist he finds his work rooted in the worlds of both classical and jazz.  His first recording, Ponte Novello from 2001 and follow up recording Tuscan Prelude illustrate that grounding and paved the way for his latest release titled, “Nocturne” on CAP records.  When you listen to D’Amico, you’ll hear a lyricism borne of influences such as Chopin and Bill Evans.  So how do these influences of such a varied heritage, blend and define D’Amico’s voice as an artist? He explains.